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Airport Community Schools

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About Us » Mission/Vision/Belief Statements

Mission/Vision/Belief Statements

Mission Statement

"Airport Community Schools, with the help of parents and the community, will prepare students to become responsible and productive members of society."

Vision Statement

The vision of Airport Community Schools is to create an environment where students, teachers, and parents anticipate high academic achievement. Educational opportunities are rigorous and meet the needs of all students. Instructional resources and technology are relevant, accessible to all students, and integrated into the learning environment.

Teachers and staff are passionate, engaging, and innovative mentors. Parents are actively involved in the education of their children. All are respected and appreciated. An open and ongoing dialogue exists between administration, teachers, parents, community, and students. The community promotes and values the school district's success.

Belief Statements
  • We will create independent, well educated life-long learners that are comfortable with advancing technology by integrating current standards through instruction.
  • We believe a primary goal of educators is to encourage students' emotional growth and maturity so they can enter the world with the ability to tackle the challenges of adulthood. We can do this by teaching critical thinking skills and allowing students to become independent thinkers.
  • We will promote the desire to become lifelong learners by providing opportunities which incorporate personal, academic, social, and career aspirations.
  • We will build the confidence of individual students by providing an environment in which students feel comfortable taking educational risks.
  • We will create responsible students by instilling a strong work ethic and teaching them to maintain organization and to become independent individuals.
  • We will demonstrate our care for students and passion for teaching by using
    humor and creativity in multiple settings.