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Book Care & Selection

Book Care Rules
  • Carry your books to and from school in your backpack.  Keep them dry and safe.
  • Keep books away from food and drink.
  • Keep your books away from younger brothers and sisters who might think the books are a toy to write in or cut or color in.
  • Keep books away from your pets.
  • Turn pages carefully from the top right corner, not the bottom.
  • Always have clean hands when you read your book.
  • Always use a bookmark to save your space, never use objects not meant to be bookmarks or "dog-ear" the pages.
  • Have a safe place at home to keep your books and remember where it is.
  • Read it!  Have someone read it to you! Read it again!
  • Return your book when you are through, so others can enjoy it.
Book Selection
To see if a book is at the correct level or is a "just right" book for you, try this test:
  • Pick any page from the middle of the book
  • Read the page (aloud if possible).
  • For every word you cannot pronounce or don't know the meaning of, put up 1 finger. (Proper names don't count)
  • If you get to 5 fingers on one page, then the book is too difficult for you right now.
  • 4 fingers up means that you could read it with some help, but you may not enjoy it because it will have to be read slowly.
  • 2-3 fingers up means that you will have to decide if the book is one for you (read the summary to help you decide).
  • 0-1 finger up means that it is a good choice, but may be too easy.  Don't forget you need a little challenge.
  • ENJOY whatever you select