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Elementary Library

Library Staff
Lisa Alexander - Media Aide
It is our hope that our libraries are welcoming places where questions are encouraged and knowledge is gained. We want students to come often to the library, and see it as a place to receive support and inspiration. Encouraging reading for pleasure in addition to providing training on how to use a library to its fullest is our goal. The school library can be an exciting place to research. We strive to provide support promptly and pleasantly to staff as well as students and guests.
Library Staffed Hours
Eyler Elementary
Monday and Tuesday
9:15 - 1:45

Ritter Elementary
Wednesday and Friday
8:15 - 1:45

Sterling Elementary
9:15 - 12:30

Behavior in the Library
  • Students may talk in the library but are asked to use appropriate voice levels
  • Books and computers should be treated with care
  • Student are expected to be respectful of other students and teachers in the library
Book Check Out Rules

Kindergarten - 1 book
1st Grade - 1 book
2nd Grade - 2 books (at the discretion of the teacher)
3rd Grade - 2 books (at the discretion of the teacher)
4th Grade - 2 books (at the discretion of the teacher)
5th Grade - 2 books (at the discretion of the teacher)

No late fees are charged.

Students must return overdue books and pay outstanding fines for lost or damaged books before being allowed to check out new ones.

All fines assessed for lost or damaged books must be paid with cash or check (checks made out to your school- memo LIBRARY) before additional books may be checked out by the student.

Funds paid will be held until the end of the school year. If the item is found before the end of the school year the funds will be refunded.

After the last day of the school year no refunds will be generated. If the book is found the student may keep the book or donate it to the library.

Use of Fine Money Collected

Library fine monies will be used by the library to purchase replacements for lost and/or damaged books