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Chromebook Tips!

Every so often students need to perform a reset on their Chromebooks to make sure everything is up to date and working properly. To do this please do the following:
  • First, students need to make sure their Chromebooks are at the latest version. To do this, they need to open the settings app and choose the option "about Chrome OS" at the bottom. Then hit the button that says "check for updates." If an update is available then it will start to update automatically. When it finishes, hit the button to restart.
  • Next they need to restart their Chromebook. If the Chromebook updated in the previous step, then this can be skipped. If not, then students need to open the menu where their clock and battery icon are and hit the power icon.
  • Once the Chromebook is back on and students are at the sign in screen, they need to remove their account and re-add it. To do this, they need to hit the arrow next to their name and choose the remove option. When it is gone, sign back in. The first sign in always takes longer because it has to load all of the user policies and extensions so don't be alarmed by that.