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TAC for Teachers

Teacher Access Center (TAC) has many features that can help you with everyday class management.
Please use the list below to get a quick guide sheet on how to perform tasks within TAC*.
Gradebook Buttons
Learn what each of your gradebook buttons do, how they work, and how to make them work for you.
My Classes Sections
 List - Class Roster Page Viewing demographics, student alerts, using seating charts, and managing your home page
 Att - Attendance Entering attendance, printing audit reports, and more
Def - Defining the Gradebook Categories, Assignments, IPR Averages, Report Card averages, attachments, and more
Scores - Gradebook Scores Page  All you want to know about your gradebook
IPR - Interim Progress Reports  Entering progress reports including manual and loading from gradebook
RC - Report Cards/Competencies  Entering report card grades and Competencies
Note: The information provided may not be specific to your building setups. Please read through thoroughly and direct questions to your eSchool administer.


The ability to communicate with your students' parent via email is available in TAC.
Using the menu on the left your homepage, choose Email Students/Guardians.
(Instruction can be found by clicking on the Email Students/Guardians link.)

The Copy feature for assessments and categories is designed to allow teachers to copy courses from one section of a course to another or copy from year to year. You can also copy Categories, Assessments, and Attachments from one class to another.

*TAC - Student information used in these samples are not real.
*TAC - Student information used in these samples are not real.