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Speech/Language/Hearing Services » Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Online Resources for Parents:
Below you will find a list of online resources for various types of speech, language and hearing impairments.

Fluency/Stuttering Information:
Stuttering Help
National Stuttering Association
Friends who Stutter

Apraxia of Speech:
Apraxia Kids
The Apraxia Connection

Autism Spectrum Disorder:
The Autism Society
Asperger Syndrome
Autism Web

ASHA Speech Sound Disorders
Speech Language Therapy

Cerebral Palsy Support
Cerebral Palsy Guide
Cerebral Palsy Guidance
Cerebral Palsy Group

Language Impairments:
ASHA- Language Based Learning Disabilities
Preschool Language Disorders

Other Websites Related to Speech Pathology:
Playing With Words 365
Home Speech Home
Michigan Speech and Hearing Association

All of the Airport Community Schools speech pathologists are a member of the national association entitled: American Speech Language Hearing Association